As a plant lover and a young mother, many a times I have undergone the same emotions as I watched my young girl and my young plants grow.

My young one needed that extra care. I was there. And so did my young rose shrubs. And I had to be there. Many times the young shrubs just withered away. Watching them wither away was so painful. They had spoken to be yesterday and were no more today. I tried to feed them with lots of compost which I made in small bins in my kitchen. But they made little difference to the young plants. It was then, that I furiously scratched the internet for ways and means to make my roses blossom. It was sometime late in the night one day that I chanced upon a very cute looking round machine with two noses!!

The two protrusions of the compost machine were actually vents which the composter used for breathing the right amount of air. I did chance upon other composters as well on the internet, but none of them had those two vents.

Dwelling deep, I was happy to note that this composter with the two noses (as I lovingly called it) was actually a highly precise engineering marvel. The Composter had a lid which shut like a cooker gasket. Tightly sealed. The composter also had a free rotating hand that rotated the composter. It was an innovative tumbler composter. The vents that actually had openings to let air in automatically closed when the composter rotated. I liked them and bought it!

Its three months since I have bought the two nosed RGGC XS – RUR GREEN GOLD AEROBIC COMPOSTER. The compost looks smooth and Ultra Nutrient Rich. My roses haven’t just grown. They have blossomed just like my young daughter. I was very curious to know how exactly such a fantastic compost got created inside the magical composter. I understood the whole process slowly. If you are also curious to know how the skin of the potato, or the wastes of a carrot can create such a great compost do.

More on RUR’s Green Gold Aerobic Tumbler Bio Composter(RGGC)


  1. No Smell
  2. No Leaks
  3. Rodent Free
  4. No Electricity
  5. Low Maintenance 
  6. Highly Durable. Rust Proof.
  7. Nutrient Rich Compost

The RGGC uses patented technology and stands for ‘RUR’s Green Gold Aerobic Tumbler Bio composter’ It is a composter that offers a simple, yet effective method to generate compost out of household waste, which can then be used in your gardens to nourish your plants. The magical process behind this is explained below.

The main body of the machine is made out of HDPE plastic, a type of recyclable polymer in which kitchen, and other forms of biodegradable waste generated in the house is added.

This waste can be wet waste or dry waste that is added in a ratio of 2:1. Examples of dry waste that can be added include leaves, cocopeat, sawdust etc. Please remember that any waste of fibrous nature shouldn’t be added, e.g. coconut shells and corn ear remains as it takes a very long time to decompose. Waste can be added every day in the ratio given above, and the machine must be turned 10 times using a lever attached to the body once a week in order to mix the contents.

The RGGC uses the natural method of composting generally referred to as the forest way of composting, where microbes respire aerobically converting waste to compost. These tiny creatures are key to the process and they start appearing within the second week. Once they are present within the machine a three-step process begins.

The active stage comes in first in which the microbes start showing up and multiply in numbers. Soon they start respiring and the temperature within the machine increases to about 70 degrees Celsius. This is the second stage known as the cooking stage.

The curation stage is when most of the waste is turned into compost. The internal temperature falls back to around 40 degrees Celsius as many of the microbes die due to the high temperatures and large numbers. The Patented Smart Vents in the Tumbler are crafted depending on the tumbler size to provide the exact of amount of air to the composting process so that the excess methane inside the tumbler is balanced and the odour is neutralized and the aerobic process ensures a very rich compost making process.

While the RGGC is a sealed machine and makes sure that the microbes do not exit the machine, sometimes users may panic on seeing the wriggly creatures while opening the lid, however they are completely harmless and are essential to make very good compost. The lives of these creatures also follows what we see in nature with their numbers adhering to the sigmoid growth curve. This cycle continues as more waste is added.

Another point to be noted is that some amount of waste water is ejected from below the machine in the first two weeks, and this water if collected and mixed with regular, pure water in a 1:10 ratio, acts as an excellent fertilizer.

Once the main body is 80% full, one must stop adding waste. The entire process of composting takes roughly 35-40 days depending on the season.

The periodic tumbling of the machine using the handle ensures that the top layers and the bottom layers of the compost   are well mixed with no necessity of using our hand to churn the compost. This ensures a very balanced texture to the compost and makes it highly nutrient rich.

In the third week, a black substance, lightly moist can be seen inside the machine. This is the compost which can be removed and used as soil to grow plants.


The RGGC can be bought on Amazon, as well as RUR Greenlife’s website. It is available in four sizes, ‘XS’, ‘S’, ‘M’, and ‘L’. Check out ‘’ to learn more!!