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RUR’s Green Gold Aerobic Composter (RGGC) M: 6-8kg./Day

RUR’s Green Gold Aerobic Composter (RGGC) M: 6-8kg./Day

Capacity 200 kg
Type Of Waste Organic Waste
Material Mild Steel
Quality Of Compost Fully Digested
Grade Semi Automatic
Country of Origin Made in India

TOP BENEFITS OF RGGC-M: • NO ELECTRICITY • NO LEAKS • NO SMELL • RODENT FREE • NUTRIENT RICH COMPOST • LONG DURABILITY • Ideally suited for Residential Societies, Hotels, Industrial Parks, Townships.


( Including Taxes )



TOP BENEFITS OF RGGC-M: • NO ELECTRICITY • NO LEAKS • NO SMELL • RODENT FREE • NUTRIENT RICH COMPOST • LONG DURABILITY • Ideally suited for Residential Societies, Hotels, Industrial Parks, Townships.


RGGC-M : RUR’s INNOVATIVE AEROBIC TUMBLER BIO COMPOSTER  mimics the forest way of composting kitchen and horticultural waste into HIGH NUTRIENT COMPOST for plants!


NO ELECTRICITY REQUIRED: This composter does not require electricity to operate, making it an environmentally friendly option. Further saving on costs on electricity bills!


SMART VENT TECHNOLOGY: The Patented Unique Smart Vents of RGGC ensures the perfect balance of Air and Temperature. The right quantity of air balances the Nitrogen inside the composter to make it ODOUR FREE!


PEST PROOF: The composter has a tight gasket seal like in a pressure cooker thus ensuring your waste will not attract pests. Hence making it easy to go near and operate!


RODENT FREE: The highly balanced composting process is completely odour free and does not attract any rats to the composter


HANDS-FREE MIXING: The TUMBLING HANDLE allows you to turn and mix the organic waste efficiently with no hazzles. This tumbling ensures uniform mixing of the top and bottom layers of the compost thus ensuring a high quality compost!


210 KG CAPACITY: The composter has a total capacity of 210 Kgs of organic waste and is suited for consuming 6-8 Kgs of Kitchen waste per day. This is ideally suited for residential societies, Resorts, Small Industries, Hotels and Hospitals.


ANTI RUST – HIGH DURABILITY: The composter is made of high-quality materials that are resistant to rust.


ON-CALL SUPPORT: We handhold you for the first 2 composting cycles to help you trouble-shoot any doubts till you are familiar with process


ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: The composter comes with 7 accessories included like compost tea collector, garden rake, sieve, gloves, cow dung, sawdust, and user manual


GOVERNMENT COMPLIANCE: RGGC-M helps you to REDUCE KITCHEN  WASTE AT SOURCE thereby making sure you adhere to government rules and regulations.

EXPLOIT YOUR OPEN SPACES: RGGC is perfectly crafted to balance the Air, Temperature and the Moisture during the composting process through the smart vent technology. The tumbling mechanism provides a uniform mixing process. And this process mimics the forest way of composting and results in HIGH NUTRIENT COMPOST.

This rich compost can convert your open spaces into lush gardens and can provide a real healthy outdoor environment for your societies!

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Daily Waste

6 – 8kg


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